Looking for somewhere to ride? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got free GPS route files to download from across the UK, including some of the best singletrack around. Now just get out and ride!


Britain’s best looking MTB routes

As mountain bikers we’re bombarded by amazing vistas at every turn — there is no better way to experience the British countryside than by bike. So we’ve pulled together the…

Lake District by Seb Rogers 39

Grizedale natural trail GPS download

Want more than Grizedale’s excellent man-made trails? Download our route through the forest here. Once you’ve done that, head out and find your own routes, and follow the series for…

Blissful singletrack through the heather and peat

Cut Gate Peak District GPS route download

As featured in MBR’s 20 best mountain bike UK trails, click here to view Cut Gate trail in the Peak District: this is the definitive way to do it. Cut…