Council members decree that speeds of 20mph are deemed unacceptable and a ban on bicycles is now in force.

According to a report in the Los Altos Town Crier, Strava was the major reason for bicycles being banned from Byrne Preserve in California.

In a unanimous decision the city council members decided to “entertain an ordinance prohibiting bicycles from Byrne Preserve”.

One council member, John Radford, was quoted as saying: “I’m done with this as far as I’m concerned. The speed numbers that were talked about tonight are just incredibly unacceptable. I can’t even believe. Sorry, whoever’s done those apps and whoever puts that together – that just put a hole in the whole argument.”

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Although these quotes and the Los Altos Town Crier refers to council meetings earlier in the year, the final decision to ban bikes was only finalised and implemented recently.

City Manager Carl Cahill commented that although the bike ban might be difficult to enforce, the council is prepared to pay for periodic law enforcement patrols.

20mph seen as unacceptable

What sort of speeds were recorded as to get bikes banned? There’s no exact number mentioned but speeds “around 20mph” have been mentioned frequently in reports.

Who complained? It’s hard to say. The area’s Open Space Committee and a local equestrian facility called Westwind Community Barn have previously registered official concerns about bikes in the park.

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Jan Davis from Westwind Community Barn said: ‘“For me, it’s a potential safety issue. There are so many blind corners that if a bike does come around quickly, it could be a disaster”.

Did anyone stick up for bikes? A few people but clearly not enough. A cyclist called Katie Behroozi wryly commented: “You horse people have made me scared of horses now, I actually think that maybe you should consider putting your kids on bikes because the horseback riding thing is starting to sound more and more dangerous.”