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Thread: Encouraging Bonce Potty Use

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    Encouraging Bonce Potty Use

    We all like helmets. They protect us. They are good.

    But many people have so little regard and respect for themselves that they dont bother.

    So I'm thinking of an advertising campaign, a catchy strapline to get them wearing the bone dome. Something like...

    "Oi, you, ballbag - you look like a right ***** with no helmet on"

    I'm thinking I'll have the nation wearing Giro's within a few weeks, so now is a good time to buy shares

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    "What's your head worth?"

    also head replacable with looks, teeth or brain.

    If its only worth a tenner, then spend at least that, if you are worth nothing................

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    I like your catchy slogan, but feel it might not work with some people as they are just thick, stupid and no common sense.

    But hey good luck with your campaign, will stock up on shares as soon as stockbrokers open in the morning, expecting tomorrow footsie index to go through the roof !!
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    Do you want to spend the rest of your life in a pool of your own vomit, ****, ****, and dribble?

    Thought not. Put a helmet on you pillock.

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    This is my philosophy:

    "I may look a **** in a helmet, but not as much of a **** with my brains spilling over the road"

    I get the **** taken out of me for wearing my protective gear by some guys and that's what i say.
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    Some bloody good ideas.

    The Missus suggested "Oi, eunuch, slap on a skid lid or you'll be a virgin forever"

    You know, I didn't realise we had so much marketing talent on the forum.

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    The only problem with that one is that the target audience won't understand the word eunuch...... or read it correctly..

    how about you nook instead?!
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    You could do a poster campaign in the vein of a lonely hearts ad:

    "Mrs Giro (or any other brand) WLTM outdoorsy type for fun and games.
    Likes to get down and dirty in any weather, at any time.
    Promises to take really good care of you.

    Reply Code: LBS"

    Add a suitable piccie and you could do a series of them.

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    How about "Oi ****ter, want to be even more braindead???"

    Seconded gun, for most rides I now wear a set of 661 Kyle Straits as they are super comfy and I always seem to land on my knees! Better to be safe than sorry, I don't even notice I'm wearing them now!
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    "Public Information Notice:

    Due to NHS cuts, head injuries from cyclists not wearing helmets will now be treated with termination."

    If this were implemented as advertised then the gene pool would be improved at the same time as increasing helmet wearing!
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