How to replace a rear gear cable (VIDEO)

Replace your rear gear cable

A 20-minute job that could transform your shifting

How to fit a SRAM XD driver for 1×11 (VIDEO)

How to fit SRAM XD driver

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How to convert to tubeless (VIDEO)

how to convert a normal rim to tubeless

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RockShox bottomless tokens explained (VIDEO)

RockShox Pike bottomless tokens video

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How to: save your brakes


Protect your brake pads this winter by fashioning a clever little cover to keep out the mud. Follow mbr’s step by step guide to saving your brakes.

How to fit new frame decals (VIDEO)

Fit new stickers and decals to your mountain bike and fix scratches on your frame

Fresh stickers and a bit of TLC could have your bike looking like new — this video guides you through fixing scratches and applying decals

How to fit a wheel, fit new pedals and more (VIDEO)

Basic mountain bike maintenance

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How to service your Hope hub (VIDEO)

How to service your Hope hubs mountain bike maintenance video

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How to convert your bike to a single ring (VIDEO)

Check your chain length under full compression

Do you really use all your gears? If not, a single-ring set-up is easy to achieve

How to service your Orange Five (VIDEO)

service your Orange Five suspension swingarm bearings

Here’s how to service the swingarm bearings on the Orange Five full-suspension mountain bike